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Home and Business Paper Shredding In Kent

Paper shredding has become a key component of today’s home and business operations. Businesses are bound by law to protect the information submitted to them. The Data Protections Act ensures that every business protects personal data in their custody through responsible disposal. One of the easiest ways to safely dispose personal data files is through shredding.

There are various ways through which shredding is done. Depending on a variety of factors, one can choose to buy a shredder or engage the services of a commercial shredding services provider in Kent such as Shred First. If you only have a few pages to shred at a time, you can go for a simple home shredder. 

Which Shredding Services Best Fits Your Operations?

Often times, homes and businesses alike may not know whether to shred the files themselves or contract a shredding company. As such, this piece seeks to give you a few pointers when choosing the most appropriate option. Here are the most important factors to consider when choosing a shredder.

The Amount of Work to Be Done

Paper shredders are measured by the number of paper sheets it can shred at a go. If your operations do not require you to shred many papers at a go, you can choose to purchase a home shredder and carry out the services yourself. If you have an average amount of papers to shred at a go, you can choose a more advanced paper shredder, which is faster and more efficient.

Larger corporations, which have scheduled periodic shredding, may have too many files to shred, which will require a larger shredder. If the corporation does not carry out this operation too often, they can contract the services of a professional shredding company to help out. This is because buying commercial shredders maybe too capital intensive to make business sense. 

The Type of Cut Required

Depending on the sensitivity of the information contained in the documents in question, you can choose the best cut size to suit your purposes. For starters, sensitive documents should be destroyed through micro-cuts. Most commercial shredding services providers offer micro-cuts as the ultimate paper shredding size. Micro-cutshredding method ensure that no information can be recollected once shredding is done.

A business can also choose to go for cross-cut shredding method. This is the most basic shredding cut and should be accompanied by other destruction methods to ensure that information cannot be reconstituted. Most home shredders use cross-cut shredding method.

Types of Documents to Be Shredded

Most home shredders are used to shred plain paper documents, which they do efficiently. However, if you have other documents such as credit cards and plastic files, you may need to use a larger, commercial shredder.

Organizations such as credit unions and banks may need to destroy old, obsolete credit cards and ATM cards. Regular paper shredders may not do a good job. Therefore, it is important to get a shredder with the capacity to destroy the cards fast and efficiently. These services can be offered by shredding services providers. You may need to ascertain a service provider’s capabilities to do the job you want done before you hire them.

The Ever Annoying Paper Jams

Home operations may require you to have a simple paper shredder. But hold on; before you make the purchase, do you know whether that shredder guarantees you a lifetime of paper jams? Well, there are models that are known to have more paper jams than they actually shred. Here is the deal – cheaper models are more likely to jam compared to high end shredders.

If you decide to hire the services of a commercial shredding company, you may want to check whether they maintain their machines well. Ill-serviced machines cause jams, and are likely to pro-long the shredding well over the allocated hours. Therefore, before you hire a shredding services provider, you may want to check out their reputation for getting work done on time.

Parting Shot

If you decide to buy a shredder, you may want to shop around for the model that will best suit your needs without causing unnecessary inconveniences such as paper jams. You can look at the capacity of the machine, the type of cut, ease of maintenance as well as the reputation of the manufacturer.

If you decide to contract a commercial shredding services provider, you need do a background check on the company. You need to ensure that the company you hire is reputable, licensed for shredding and disposal, and the workers are experienced to handle the machines. It is also important to ascertain that the workers are professionals, and will not go data-mining.


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