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Are your redirects killing you?

A 302 redirect is considered bad for SEO, but not a 301 redirect. A 301 redirect is permanent while a 302 redirect is temporary.

A 301 redirect is good for SEO because it passes on the link juice to from one page to another. There is then no loss of traffic and rankings. 

A 302 redirect, on the contrary, does not pass on any link juice. It hence renders a negative effect over SEO.

There are certain situations wherein the use of a 301 redirect becomes quintessential. If page A is an outdated version and page B has updated content, you would want the end customer to view page B. A 301 redirect is essential in such a situation. It can be defined as a way of substituting page B for page A.

Not every 302 redirect needs to be changed to a 301 redirect

There are cases, however, when the link juice need not be transferred to the page to which the end user is redirected.

A few of the pages are for access protected by a password, and the end user is redirected to a login portal when he clicks on the link.

A 301 HTTPS code would not be required over here. 302 would suffice.

A number of SEO specialists believe that changing all 302 redirects with 301 redirects is not a great idea. 301 and 302 redirects form an essential part of every Magento SEO guide.

A number of redirects are meant to be 301 redirects. Many SEO tools flag 302 redirects as errors.

But a small number of redirects should be kept as 302 redirects. The developer should not be concerned about SEO issues in cases such as redirecting the viewer to a login page.

There are some cases in Magento as well, wherein 302 redirects work better than 301 redirects. They include adding to compare links, add to wishlist links and currency switch links.

In the event that we want to Google to comprehend a fresh page as an updated version of the previous page, using a 301 redirect is preferable. Otherwise, a 302 redirect comes across as a better choice.

A feasible solution for 302 redirects over compare, wishlist and currency switch links is to keep the 302 redirects and disable the indexing of these pages. This may be accomplished through the robots.txt file.

There are reasons that one should be wary about manually changing 302 redirects to 301 redirects.

301 redirects come with their own set of problems

If the 301 redirects are not done right, it may lead to undesirable consequences. This is more in terms of visitors to an online store rather than SEO considerations.

301 redirect results are cached by modern browsers. When a user tries to access the initial page for the second time when he is at the redirected page, the browsers display it from the cache without requesting access from the server.

This comes across as a problem if you alter the name of the initial page in order to make it more SEO friendly. 

If you decide to do away with the changes, browser cache will still store a link to the variant that you had created. 

The end user will hence come across 404 error page. The new variant no longer exists, but the user and his browser do not have access to the initial URL.

Hence, making a reverse redirect is very important in such situations. A 404 redirect may lay a negatives effect over customer retention rates.

Redirect loops and links that are not operative are some further problems that could potentially arise with 301 redirects. Hence 302 redirects can be very useful in such situations.

A number of web developers try and resolve the 404 page not found errors by redirecting all 404 errors to the home page with a 301 redirect. This is because a higher number of 404 errors on your website influence its ability to rank. Users not familiar with the website may wonder about Search engine optimization: what is it?. It is a way of ensuring high search engine rankings for a website.

404 errors should ideally be fixed whenever possible. It is best to keep their numbers low. It works well for site’s SEO and lays an effect on the time that a consumer spends over the website. It affects the conversion rate as well.

Making 404 errors right

Redirecting all 404 errors back to the home page with a 301 redirect is not the best way to deal with them. If we figure out 10 essential things to know about SEO over Google, we come to realize that this is a part of every search result.

This results in Google treating all the initial pages as ‘404 error pages’. This does not put them in a position to deliver value to a website.

Another disadvantage of redirecting all 404 errors back to the home page with a 301 redirect is that a developer can no longer figure out the actual error on the website and fix them.

The right way of dealing with too many 404 errors is figuring out the unique solution to each one of them and implement it accordingly. This is as important for SEO for government sites as it is for other sites.

A wrongly typed URL must be set right. If you delete a page, all redirects associated with it must be reworked upon. Broken links must be fixed. 

One has to use discretion, but a 301 redirect overall 404 errors may not be very effective.  

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Magento SEO Specialist

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