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Magento Recovery Specialist

Disaster recovery plans are a must for E-commerce platforms in the event wherein things go wrong. Several factors could result in Magento downtime. They include hacks or an update that failed which results in a broken Magento shopping cart error. Server related issues also sometimes lead to the failure of several Magento systems. 

Recovering from such errors rapidly gives a competitive edge to any organization. Delays in doing the same may lay effects over customer retention, trust, and ROI. Read More...

Magento eCommerce Development Company

Magento is made for businesses that seek complete control over the feel, look and functionality of their ecommerce site while offering a smooth shopping experience to customers. The software comes with a suite of tools that make it easy for the owner to customize their online store. Magento development standards ensure that the site owner has as much control as they want.

Through a wide array of the software’s analytical tools, the site owner can easily keep track of business performance. Magento is also known for its inbuilt tools that help the site owner to attract traffic, engage shoppers as well as drive conversions for the growth of the business. The software is also well optimized with SEO friendly URLs, custom metadata and descriptions that make it easy for customers to search for their preferred products on the site. Read More...

Magento Ecommerce Consulting Services

Quick Intro into Magento

If you are looking for a flexible shopping cart system that you can easily customize as your business grows, then Magento is your answer. It is an open source ecommerce platform that offers easy catalogue management, search engine optimization as well as marketing functions. 

Magento allows any online shop owner to scale from tens of products to tens of thousands of products without changing the platform. These changes are made easy by a variety of themes and plug-ins that are geared towards enhancing customer experience. If you want custom functionality, however, you will need to engage experts as it requires complex programming. Read More...

Magento SEO specialist

Magento eCommerce development,

SEO & Online Marketing 

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In the current Google climate, Magento is a notoriously difficult CMS to work with regarding SEO, the reason being mainly because of slow speed optimisation and bloat from badly designed themes, along with outdated versions of the software running on insecure platforms. Because of the challenges caused by the difficult nature of migrating and updating the software, and because of the continuous development necessary to patch security holes, the whole process can leave companies paralysed into using vulnerable and slow systems for many years.

This sort of background completely hinders the work of the SEO technician who is tasked with seemingly small and basic works such as speeding up the loading time or removing unnecessary development code. Page speed and mobile responsiveness are now highly integrated parts of the Google Core algorithm and for good search position results, these are basic prerequisites for good ranking.

That means in order to gain the top SEO positions, the target company will be required to work with an extremely proficient and strong development team who can handle the latest advancements in hosting environments, caching, theme optimisation as well as developing a package that can be updated in accordance with standard security updates and operating system updates. This means that the entire team will need to be first-class or it will show in your loading time, check your site speed with Pingdom yourself.

If you take a look at the top results in Google for eCommerce companies you will notice they either use a platform such as Shopify or similar that is highly optimised for such challenges or if they are indeed using Magento and IF they are ranking well, it is most likely that they have a first-class team behind them managing the extremely complicated challenges that face the modern-day eCommerce platform developers. Imagine the challenge here, you need a team that is as competent as Amazon, to run your infrastructure, manage your upgrades and deal with your bottlenecks as they are found.

No wonder that many commercial small companies avoid this pain and sell directly via Amazon or use a platform such as Shopify. But for the brave of you who are still reading this article, and who are currently challenged by the problems outlined above, you have found the right partner.

We are a development team that compromises of system admins, in house programmers, theme developers, SEO experts, logical minds and elegant solutions. We offer the package management of the entire process of building, managing, hosting, theming, of the Magento eCommerce platform, along with providing in-house fully developed unique SEO management tools and products to obtain the highest results in Google.

We are not an SEO company, we are a development company who is highly proficient in these tasks and understand that in order to achieve greatness in this difficult and challenging Google environment that a fully comprehensive team and control is necessary to ailing these disparate forces in such a way to achieve the results that only the experienced would appreciate.

We operate in a basic way, we will build from the ground up, the Magento eCommerce platform, hosting environment, theming and store management, on our own server structure, with the latest systems and updated code, that is mobile optimised, and secure. This basic system will then be modeled for crisis backup and restore. Then SEO operations begin, content creation, keyword analysis, and research, along with any offline marketing that is necessary to create the important elements that Google respect in today’s competitive landscape.

This is a winning formula that we have used repeatedly for many similar clients, we are old hands at rescuing companies that arrive to us in all sorts of technical mess, but when they hand over the reigns to our team, they can refocus on other aspects of running their businesses that are necessary instead of constantly firefighting one technical glitch or challenge after another.

Welcome to our company, I hope this introduction provides you with some hope and I look forward to talking with you to discuss your project. We offer a one-hour free consultation and would be happy to discuss with you the project that is causing you lost sleep and stress. It will be our pleasure to connect on Skype, searching for the user ’agentbleu’ on Skype will put you into an immediate contract with one of our team.

We also offered a free SEO backlink audit for your company provided by professional link audit company LinkAudit, worth £500, contact us for a complete SEO evaluation, which we can promise within 24 hours, or Get in touch using the contact form for more details. Read More...

Amazon FBA business for sale

How & Why To Invest Into An Online eCommerce Business - Safely

Investing into eCommerce businesses today is like investing into a morden day gold rush, there is a significant arms race going on for online real-estate equity, espeically by way of holding assests such as stocks or shares, limited partnerships or share holdings in private limited eCommerce companies which operate in this complicated space. Holding such assets provides a host of advantages as a business investment vehicle. The most important aspect of such investments is balancing risks/rewards and considering tax advantages of online businesses compared with real estate or other types of investments. By far one of the most interesting and optimised for tax investments can be online ventures. But that said, startups and other unique or exotic investments into digital platforms can also be highly risky. So it makes a lot of sense to invest into established online eCommerce type retail and logistical and distribution type businesses, either b2b or retail.

Once you have made the decesion to invest in this sector there are many optimisations that can be gained by paring staff to different projects and optimising the team that you have around managing different eCommerce stores. This allows diversication of your investments and allows you to gain skills and company knowledge to maxamise your chances of success and positivily impact on your bottom line.

eCommerce is a very well devleoped space, there are millions of mililienals who prefer to shop online, who are familar with the process and enjoy the sort of features and services provided by shopping from the comfort of your own home. Once a customer locates a trusted supplier they can leave all the hassle of logistics to others and safe valuable time for more important persuits. As a result of such a fertile market place, getting ahead in this space has already become highly competitive. As such here are some insights and knowledge that will help you avoid some of the potential pitfalls. Read More...

eCommerce sites for sale

Hearing Aid eCommerce Business

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